Most of my clients are primarily engaged in trade and service, e.g. car dealer, technical consultant, journalist, real estate agent. Most of the time, I work with people who expect precision and proactivity when it comes to accounting. They don’t want to outsource the administrative tasks to a contractor, who only follows the instructions, they want to find a partner, who helps in every aspect of planning and bookkeeping.

My clients’ testimonials

We would have no hesitation in recommending

"Lívia Gálfy has provided an extremely professional, highly competent, efficient help with our company taxes and financial statements in Hungary. Lívia is always very friendly and quick to respond to my inquiries with informed practical help. We would have no hesitation in recommending Lívia Gálfy.

Hazeleger Hongarije B.V.  

Edwin J. F. Hazeleger"

Edwin is the managing director of Haasman Kft., a Dutch-owned Hungarian real estate agency. We have an excellent professional relationship, he always asks my advice before all the big decisions, and I am happy to help.

All matters of my taxation are done

“Livia Gálfy I can strongly recommend as a tax consultant. She settled all my matters of taxation in
Hungary. After contacting Livia and providing some information to her we agreed on it that she write
down a proposal of my taxation in Hungary. In her eight pages long analysis she compared three
different types of taxation and offer me a clear recommendation. Then Livia registered me as a self-
employed journalist and finally she settled all my matters of taxation – for a good value of my

Wilhelm Siemers, editor and journalist, Hungary

Wilhelm is a German journalist, who currently lives in Hungary, and bills clients outside the EU. From the beginning of his entrepreneurship I have been helping him to work in accordance with all the Hungarian laws and regulations, pay the necessary taxes in time while choosing the most favorable form of taxation.