A good accountant is gold.

I can save you money and time, help you make better business decisions, and keep you up to date about the current tax rules which change almost every day in Hungary.

I am not a contractor; my goal is to be a real partner. You can trust me in every way, because I am doing everything I can, to help you succeed in your business.

I will ease the burden on administration, answer all your questions, and guarantee, that everything is always, 100% legal, you don’t have to be afraid of the Hungarian tax administration.

Get a quote and let me handle the rest!

Who are you?

•    Head of a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME).
•    Self-employed person
•    Head of a “Bt .” or Ltd .Limited Partnership or a Limited Liability Company
•    An entrepreneur who knows what they want and looks for the best partner who helps achieve their goals

How can I help you?

•    Double-entry bookkeeping
•    Preparation of financial statements
•    Comprehensive bookkeeping for SMEs
•    Taxation of companies
•    Taxation of self-employed persons
•    VAT returns
•    Representation in front of the tax authority, support during audits
•    Tax advisory
•    Review contracts
•    VAT registration of foreign companies
•    Pre-establishment advisory

Who am I?

•    A dedicated accountant who loves her job
•    I make your life easier with 100% online help
•    Acquired experience in international consulting enterprises
•    In addition to accounting, I also carried out auditing. It means that I am focused on small details, but I see the importance of the big picture as well.
•    I am a trustworthy tax advisor
•    I've created templates for everyday accounting tasks as well as special challenges, so I can solve all assignments smoothly
•    I speak Hungarian, German and English, so I can help international companies with the Hungarian accounting

If you are like the most entrepreneurs, you probably don't like administration, accounting, taxation. You started your business out of passion, not because you were eager to do the bookkeeping. Should you be the head of an Ltd. or should you be “just” self-employed, it takes a lot of time to record everything, and follow all the rules.
Does it make you nervous thinking about all the things that could go wrong with your accounting, and how much money you could lose, how much penalties you could pay?

Your sleepless nights are over.

Focus on your business, your passion, and do everything to make that successful, and let me do all the background work for you. I will guarantee that everything will always be fine. Should it be bookkeeping, payroll, fuel accounting  vehicle admin, VAT reports or any other tasks, I will always handle them in accordance with current regulations.

Are you planning to start a new business, expand your target market or your services?
I can help you with all of them! Contact me if you already know, what you are looking for, or let me help you even if you are not sure what you need exactly.