Your business is your business – I’ll take care of the books!

What motivated you when you started your business?
To help others?
To pursue your dreams?
To show a super product or service to as many people as possible?

We become entrepreneurs for many reasons, but there is one thing I've never heard from anyone: "I started because of my passion for administration. I love filling Excel tables and reading the official gazette of Hungary every morning when I have my morning coffee."

Well, let me introduce myself: I am Lívia Gálfy, the exception, who proves the rule. I really like to deal with administration, and I'm happy to take that burden off your shoulders.

How can I help you?


Professional experience

I have more than 20 years of experience in accounting and taxation, which I have gained on a wide range of subjects. Actually, there are very few things I can't help you with. And even if you ask me something I don’t know, I will be happy to dig into the tax regulations and find you the answer.

Why am I so sure of what I'm doing? That's because

  • I worked as a consultant for international advisory firms
  • thanks to my experience as an auditor, I see and appreciate the big picture in accounting
  • as a VAT representative of foreign companies in Hungary, I have arranged thousands of VAT returns on a wide variety of subjects. Whatever you do, I am sure I’ve already dealt with that.
  • in addition to everyday accounting tasks, I have also created templates and best practices for individual challenges, so I can solve any issues quickly and smoothly.
  • I speak English, German and Hungarian fluently, I can do the accounting for international clients in Hungary.

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Why should you choose me?

Clients who have worked with other accountants in the past chose me in the end because
  • they finally found somebody, who will inform them about the changes, taxes that should be paid – in time
  • they felt theat their previous accountant was not really up to date, and they were happy to experience the 100% digital accounting
  • they were not sure about the knowledge and preparedness of their previous accountant, and finding someone, who has experience in different fields makes them happy.
  • they know that if I don’t know something, I will check it for them as soon as possible.
  • they appreciate my kindness, and that I consider the clients as partners. Especially when the previous accountant often patronized them.

Am I the accountant you're looking for? Contact me and let’s talk about your business!